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Karin IT is a sharp company that provides Information Technology Infrastructure Solutions that help Businesses to align IT Services based on Business Priorities and Needs.

We have excellent experience on IT Infrastructures for large scale companies that help you to implement what you need to be successful on your business.

Technology plays an important role in helping organizations meet their business objectives, therefore it makes sense that the IT plan be aligned with the overall strategic goals. At Karin IT we understand the impact that technology can have on the overall strategic direction and implementation of business initiatives, so our mission is to build and manage your IT infrastructure so you can grow your business easily. We are experts in building and managing robust technology fundamental for our clients. Karin IT will work with you from project analysis all the way through support (level 1-3, 24x7x365) and can remotely maintain your systems – so that you can have peace of mind and focus on larger, strategic projects that align with business priorities. Our professional skills include, but are not limited to:

-Consultancy Services, Design and Implement Information Technology Infrastructure

-Consultancy Services, Design and Implement Business Intelligence and Organization Intelligence Solutions.

-Implement e-Business, e-Commerce, m-Commerce and their IT Infrastructure

-Design and Implement CI/CD and DevOps Framework requirement

-Design and Implement Virtualization Solutions (Server, Desktop Virtualization and Container)

-Consultancy Services, Design and Implement Information Technology Infrastructure

-Design and Implement PKI for maintain highest security in small and large companies


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